Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Post For My Dad **

Oh my my my .. Where to begin? Blogging is kind of like writing in a journal for me. I'll be really good at it for a while then I just drop it. Hopefully I'll be back for a while now! The tough part about this is that I don't even know where to begin. Do I start off from where I quit and try to catch everyone up on what's been going on in my life? Or do I just pick something to talk about?

After several minutes of staring at my screen I have decided to write about my dad.

In 2006 my dad was injured in Iraq, he was working on an f-16 and the wing came down and hit him on the top of the head. Which has since lead to horrible back and neck pain, brain issues, and some memory loss. In the beginning I didn't think that it was too bad, but over the past couple months he has been going to appointments to meet with a neurologist, a speech therapist, and a couple more that I don't remember. He has had multiple tests done, including an EEG, a CT scan, an MRI and several others. For the most part I am the one taking him to and from appointments, because my schedule is the least conflicting and easiest to switch around.

In July he went and spoke to a group of people at a church. After he left he was driving home and he began feeling very weird (he said it was like he spun around 100 times and then stood still). He pulled over, waited for it to stop then went home. When we were on our way to Las Vegas he had the same thing happen again while we were waiting in line to figure out whether we were going to make it on the flight or not. He turned gray and his eyes were very weird and he just acted really odd. We ended up not making it on that flight and we got switched to a different gate. Dad said that he would not be able to walk, so we got him a wheelchair and when we got to the new gate the lady that pushed him had him sign this thing, that was like signing for a package, and his hand could not grab the stylist. It seemed like he had just had a stroke. I was immediately freaking out, he called his speech therapist and she told him to go to the VA in Chicago, but our flight was in 20 minutes and he refused to go. So, we went to Vegas and everything was fine and dandy. He told me he has had one more incident since then and that was in the garage at their house.

If he doesn’t write things down, he simply forgets what it is that ne needs to do and sometimes even say. For example, if he’s trying to recall a recent event, he’ll try to describe it then just say, “oh yah know, whatever, it doesn’t matter.” He does this, like all the time. You may not think it sounds bad, or that I might be exaggerating, but I am not.

Last week I decided to make him a schedule with what everyone was would be doing for the next month, practices, games, work, school, and whatever else I thought he might need a reminder of.

On Monday, he emailed me, and I decided that now was the time to bring up how much worse I think he has gotten recently. I am too much of a chicken shit to talk to him in person, so email seemed like a reasonable idea. I told him that as I know things are so tough for him, things are getting tougher for us now too. He constantly asks us where we are going, what we are doing, etc. even if he just asked us 15 minutes ago, he forgets some things that quickly. Which is why I made the calendar, but I think that maybe this whole traumatic brain injury may be worse than any of us think.

So, I suggested to him that my whole family go visit his neurologist or speech therapist, someone who could help us better understand what’s going on and what else we can do to make things easier for him. I haven’t heard if he has gotten a response yet, but I am hoping that they can come up with something to help us out soon. I really wish they could just figure out what the hell it is that is wrong, and fix it.

However, that is not happening right now, no matter how hard we are trying. So, I guess right now, I am just asking for your prayers for my dad and patience for my family. I know that we don’t make it as easy as we should for him, but we have never had to deal with anything like this before.


  1. Wow, prayers for you. I can't imagine how hard it must be to deal with his decline while trying to live your life too -- that's really tough.

    My grandmother has a similar situaiton (minus the traumatic brain injury... hers is just kind of spontaneous) and the thing I'd say is DEFINITELY seek out the best medical care you can as soon as you can - sometimes time does damage that even the best doctor's can't reverse.

    I'll be praying for all of you...

  2. I will be praying for your dad, you, and your family! I would definitely encourage you or another family member to go with him to his doctor's appointments. He could be forgeting things he needs to be doing or other things since he can't remember much. Asking them if there are things you can do to help is a great ideas. You could even just all get together with your dad one night and make a list of questions that you all want answers to.

  3. A plane came down and touched him in the head? That is ... I don't know, kind of crazy? What a tought thing to have to go through, yet it seems that you are really able to think clearly through it.
    When I was in first year university I got a phone call saying my Dad was in a snowmobile accident and was dying in a helicopter on his way to the hospital. I just remember the despair that I felt. My Dad was fortunately able to make a complete recovery and it doing well, but to have to live with the after effects of such an accident as your father's is very scary.
    Lot's of prayers and positive thoughts to you and your famly, Kaiti!

  4. I'm sorry, my brain kind of took a backseat when you said was in the head with the wing of an F-16. Umm, wow.

    Will most definitely be keeping you in my prayers and look forward to news of improvement sooner rather than later.



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