Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kaitlin Johnston Turns 21 **

I turned 21 on Monday July 13th .. since it was a Monday, I decided to go to two bars, close to my parents. I knew that most of my friends had to work on Tuesday, so we are going out this weekend :) P.S. I was NOT drunk when I posted this .. I just do not know how to line the pictures up with the words .. I tried .. Sorry !
Alex, Me and Jack before I opened my presents !

Lighting the candles !

I blew all 21 candles out !

Jason and Me

Jason, Jack and Me

My first legal drink .. a frozen margarita :)

First legal shot .. Water Moccasin compliments of Jason !
I had a Lemon Drop Drink after this .. but no picture ..
and that was from my parents :)

Kamakazi compliments of Pence !

Sandy Shandy compliments if Nate !
After this I had a Godmother .. compliments of Tim ..
but no picture :/

My momma and Me

Aunt Amy, Me and Naked Tracy

Doctor McGullicuddys compliments of Naked Tracy

Me and Jason

Jason .. driving :/

My momma and me :)

Thumbs up :)

Shot of Hot Damn compliments of Aunt Amy !

Shot of McGuillicuddys compliments of Aunt Jackie :)

Me and Aunt Jackie

Buttery Crown compliments of Biz :)

Buttery Crown compliments if Aunt Lisa !


Getting ready for yet another shot :/

Lunch Box compliments of Derrick !

Chuck up the deuces !!

:/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/ :/

uh oh ..
unfortunately I have no pictures of me puking
outside of the bar .. well maybe not for you guys !

Passed out on my parents bathroom floor .
The perfect end to a perfect birthday :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Landlord From Hell **

Here is the post that I have been talking about for the past couple days.

Jason used to live in a house near Georgetown, in Fort Wayne. It is in an okay addition, nothing fancy, at all. But they were paying $1200.00 a month for a house that was MAYBE worth $70,000. This house was a split level home with a basement, a main floor and an upstairs. It had 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living room, a little sun room off the back of the house, a hot tub (that didn't work), and a shed (full of the landlords shit). When they (Jason, Habart his best friend, Briggs and Isaac, other good friends) moved in 11 months ago they were so excited to finally be living in a house, instead of an apartment. They were just renting though and the landlords (a younger couple with 2 small children) made it all official and had a really nice lease made up that covered all the bases, or so they thought.

So they got the house last July, we go to move their stuff in and the house was DISGUSTING! They had dog food in the cabinets (they haven't had a dog in years), there were spider webs everywhere, the carpets upstairs smelled like urine, the bathrooms hadn't been cleaned in months, the refrigerator had hamburger blood under the drawers, the stove and oven had quite possibly NEVER been cleaned. And I seem to have LOST the pictures that I did take :( I swear to you .. you would die if saw what they were using to cook. Needless to say, we have to do some major cleaning before they could move in.

The hot tub was not working when they moved in, but the landlord said that he would have it fixed in a couple weeks. That turned into the end of September, which turned into the end of October, which then turned into the beginning of winter. Eventually, they just said they were going to take it out and reduced their rent $100 from then (January) on. The shed which was still full of their (the landlords) shit, was promised to be emptied in a reasonable amount of time, that way the guys could store their stuff their. Well you see, they just moved out on June 30th, and the shed that I speak of, is still full of the landlords shit.

Briggs likes to come up with some fairly odd concoctions, so he turned the stove top on and it sparked at him! They tried to fix it and were unsuccessful, so they called the landlord (whose ringback tone is .. Vibrate, by Petey Pablo) and let him know. He did nothing about it.

In November, it got reasonably cold here, the guys went to turn the heat on and guess what? There was no heat on the main floor, or in the basement, except for the one bedroom. Which later, all of the heat in the house went out. They called the landlord and he said he would install baseboard heaters, and did not, until the end of January. Then, he installed ONE heater on the main floor.

In December, we had horrible ice storms and a pipe broke and flooded what we like to call the Party Patio! Jason called the landlord, he came over, said "Well, I guess there is nothing we can do about it now, we'll just wait until the spring and fix it." Well, little did this genius know, an all glass Party Patio, 3 inches of standing water, and an ice storm, the water will freeze and break all the windows, then melt and mold the whole room. Which really wouldn't matter anymore if the room was gone, but you get the point.

Jason borrowed a 5 gallon shop vacuum, from a guy he works with, and sucked all of the water out of the Party Patio. I know, I know, he is WAY too nice!

In February, the dish washer went out, they called the landlord, he said "Run some vinegar thru it, that should work." So, they did that, among other things their mothers and the internet suggested and nothing worked. And nothing ever got done by the landlord.

In order to even get a hold of the landlords, they would have to call their cell phones multiple times, before they got a response and 9 times out of 10 Jason was the one who had to call and get shit straightened out. The husband was the only one who ever got back with them and the only one who ever came over and attempted (if you could call it that) to listen to their problems, I mean he really didn't do anything else.

Jason and I went over there at 12:30 to start cleaning, I was there until 5:30 and Jason stayed until 7:30. We cleaned everything from top to bottom. We cleaned the refrigerator, the cabinets, swept and mopped all the rooms, the garage, the Party Patio, etc.. I should have taken pictures of how his roommates left it. Jason hasn't lived there since June 10th and they weren't counting on getting their deposit back so they just left it a horrible mess, similar to what they moved in to.

This was the trash we had gathered, before I had to leave, except for 3 huge garbage bags that were still in the house. It was simply ridiculous. We could have fed a small family in Africa with the amount of food that got thrown away.

So, on June 30th they had the final walk thru and guess who shows up? The wife, all by herself. Jason and Briggs were the only ones who wanted to be there, the other guys had better things to do with their time. They had all just kind of accepted that they wouldn't be getting their deposit back, because the landlords were just douche bags. But Jason was going to fight for his.

She said, "I bet you are wondering why my husband isn't here? He didn't want to mess with you (Jason) he said you chew into him when you talk to him and I AM THE ONLY ONE THAT GETS TO CHEW INTO MY HUSBAND." Oh my.

They go thru, she was pleasantly surprised with how great everything looked, but said "If you think you are getting your deposit back, your not." Jason was prepared for this, so came up with a list of the aforementioned things and gave it to her. He said look at all the bull shit we had to deal with and she said and I quote, "I never knew about any of this." OHMYGOSH! Are you fucking kidding me? She is trying to claim that her husband never shared why he was going over there and receiving calls every other week with complaints about this piece of shit house! She continued with, "Did you write these problems down and submit them to us?" Well, no they didn't, but they have phone records of calling them all the time and I know that isn't much, but it has got to be worth something!

So, Jason said, "You will be hearing from me", because he didn't feel like dealing with her and wanted to talk to his sister, who is in law school. She is doing some research and will hopefully come up with something.

Ahhhh I feel somewhat better about letting my anger out on here! I will keep you all posted on what happens, please pray that Erin (Jason's sister) comes up with something, anything!