Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jack Johnston **

I have not been blogging much lately, because I have been exceptionally busy && I don't always know what to say to keep people interested. So, I have finally decided to blog a little bit about my brother .. hopefully you will learn to enjoy him as much as I do :)

Jack is 11 years old and he was born when I was 9 & 1/2. Growing up I was a very responsible young lady and my parents trusted me to watch their two children, when they went out for dinner or to run short errands, etc .. At the time Alexandria (I will blog about her some other time) was 6 & 1/2 and Jack was a newborn.
Jack && me at Bandido's !

I think that since he and I are so far apart in age, that he was more of a son to me (not literally, but we never argued or anything like that && my parents were always around. I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea about this.) I was always there to help, whether it was to feed him, change diapers or put him to bed. I loved helping out!

My dad is in the Air National Guard and when he would go on trips I would help my mom out by getting Jack to and from practices and games, when she had to work. Since he started playing sports, I could probably count on two hands the games that I have missed .. and this includes the past year and a half when I have lived across town. I drive 20 minutes at least twice a week to cheer him on.

During the spring && summer he plays baseball. He currently bats 4th in line up .. which is awesome .. but he is also in a batting slump .. so I don't know how he is keeping his position! He is a great catcher, he isn't so into pitching, but they need him to .. so we try to get him more into it .. it is an insane amount of pressure on a young man though .. all those people saying, "Common Jack, just relax." or "Jack just throw strikes." Have you ever tried to 'just throw strikes'? Let me tell you .. not as easy as it looks. But he is getting better! And when he is not pitching or catching, he plays short stop.

This picture is from last year, but you get point !

Last summer Jack && I went to Cedar Point for the day. We got up on an overcast Tuesday morning at 7 and made the 3 hour drive. PERFECT day ! It only sprinkled once around lunch time, so we went out to the car to eat the lunches that we had packed. I was exhausted, so he sat there while I took a 20 minute power nap, because I had to drive us home that night, and it was sprinkling so we couldn't ride rides anyways. THen we went back and we rode EVERY roller coaster that we wanted to, with minimal waits! It was quite possibly one of the best days ever :)

Jack && me on a roller coaster .. they wound up stopping the
ride && walking over to tell me I couldn't have my camera out :/
Totally worth it though !
This was the line for the Millenium Force aka NO LINE ! It was so crazy !

In the fall Jack plays football, FINALLY ! I have been waiting since the day he was born for him to play football ! I love it so much ! Last year he was in 5th grade && played quarter back for the 6th grade team ! Very exciting ! He also played other positions && played both offense && defense, since it is such a young team, they are trying to figure out what everyone is good at. I think he enjoys football so much, because he never had anyone to rough house with && now he does.

Jack is number 7 with the white cleats .

Such a bad ass !

And finally, in the winter Jack plays basketball. He usually plays in the forward position, but has been known to play both center and guard as well. I think he really likes basketball the best, but I really hope he keeps up with the other two .. (I like them the most!)

Robert (11), Jack (12), Jonathon, cousin, (21), Seth, best friend (24)

I also took him snowboarding last year .. but somehow all of those pictures have disappeared except for one .. and it's not even of him boarding :( But he really liked that too ! We went down the black diamond at this particular park (which is in Ohio, so it is really just a big hill), but we went down that on our 4th trip down maybe, and he wiped out and took out a caution sign .. he was fine .. so it is now okay to laugh .. but I was afraid for my life!

Warming up by the fire :)

Finally, like a good sister, I like to show Jack, what not to do .. My boyfriend, Jason and his former roommates work with my dad .. so for one of their birthdays he stopped by the party with my brother .. like any good sister, I let him play beer pong .. relax he just drank mountain dew ! but now he will be somewhat prepared for what the future holds !

See, Mountain Dew !

All in all my brother Jack is an amazing young man && I would never even consider trading him for anything else in the entire world ! I love having him call me at 1 am during the summer, because he knows that I will be up too ! Just to talk, even though I saw him today. Or when he calls me to remind me that he has a game, "But, Kaiti you don't have to come to these." I love him so much and would so absolutely anything just for him.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My First Wordless Wednesday .. **

May .. **

I wanted to wait to write this post, until I got pictures from this weekend .. but it already seems to be taking me a bit to do just that .. and I haven't had a real blog in awhile .. so there is some catching up to do :/

Let's see here .. On May 10th, my cousin Korren, her boyfriend Spencer and I traveled about 2 and 1/2 hours north to help our aunt and uncle with their pool business, during the busy season.

Spencer, obviously went out with the guys to help them open pools and things of that nature the whole time he was there .. (he wound up staying for 3 weeks straight). Korren and I went out with the guys as needed and stayed in the office and helped the girls out as well !

Personally, I enjoyed the office time a little bit more .. I got to talk to the women who work there .. and they are a bit more interesting then the guys I was working with ! The only bad part I found about working inside all day .. was that I never knew what the weather was like .. I would get in around 730 or 8 .. and not leave until 6 or so .. (I was packing my lunch).

However, I got to enjoy the best (and worst) of both worlds .. and I would go back in a heartbeat if they would ask me to ! I was working there Monday thru Thursday and coming home on the weekends to work at my other job, see my family, friends, and boyfriend .. it was a lot, but well worth it :)

On the Friday before the Indy 500, my dad and I went down to Indy for Carb Day ! We have been going, for as long as I can remember .. usually my sister and brother go, but they both had field day at their schools and didn't want to miss it. So, we went alone and had a great time. We both drank a little. I haven't drank in awhile and the heat was crazy .. so I nearly got sick :/ But I toughed it out ! As I was walking to the restroom .. there were cops riding motorcycles to go to the infield, and one turned and laid his bike down and it git stuck between the ground and a handrail .. (stiffed a giggle) .. and OF COURSE I did not have my camera or my phone. Probably for the best though !

That day, was my grandma's 70th birthday ! Upon our return from Indy, we went out to celebrate her birthday with my family. Never a dull moment with the Johnston family .. let's just leave it at that.

Then, this past weekend we went to Pokagon, for a SURPRISE birthday for her ! She thought that she was going to my cousin Jared's 23rd birthday party with all of his friends .. ! I think she was a lot happier with this party though :)

She got there and we were all hiding in one cabin .. she came up and knocked, we opened the door and yelled 'SURPRISE !' she was so excited ! Then we all started to sing Happy Birthday and I grabbed the cake and walked over to her .. and the next thing I know, my aunt is hitting me .. my hair had caught on FIRE ! Thank God, it only singed some .. I haven't noticed much other loss ! The rest of the night went very well and the next morning we all got up and went home.

That about catches me up .. more blogs to come :) Hopefully closer together so I don't have to go back and recap so much !