Monday, August 24, 2009

Raven's First Bath

Miss Raven got her first bath a couple days ago .. and she LOVES it ! She loves swimming, baths, putting her head in the shower and liking the water, while I am showering ! It' a good thing she is such a good dog :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Vegas BayBee **

On July 30th Doc Boz, her husband Jim, Aunt KK and Uncle Eric, mom and dad, Jason and I left for Las Vegas ! We had 3 separate flights .. Doc Boz and Jim left at 8 and got to Vegas at 1030. KK and Eric left at 630 went to Dallas and had plane trouble so were there for a couple hours .. before getting on another flight and got to Vegas around 3.

The rest of us left at 12 and flew to Chicago .. where we were on an overbooked plane and didn't get on .. originally they were offering a $300 bump .. and since we involuntarily didn't get on we were offered two options .. $130 cash or $198 voucher .. we were not happy .. at all but took the cash. We got to vegas around 5 .. We were going down the escalator to get my moms suitcase .. and I saw a sign that said Happy 21st Birthday Kaitlin ! My group had surprised me and got a limo !

So, we all got in and rode around for awhile went to a bar and got our picture taken in front of the Vegas sign .. then he took us to the hotel !

When we got to the hotel, my mom did some negotiating and got the 4 of us a suite ! Holla !

It was 1500 square feet and we stayed in Ballys .. pretty nice .. it has a bar and 3 toilets .. but only one shower :/ All in all it was pretty darn good :)

The rest of the pictures are pretty self explanatory .. so I'll just comment as I see needed .

Dinner the first in the Flamingo !
Jason and me in Caesars Palace .. Really incredible place !

Jason and I walked down to the Stratosphere .. longest freaking walk ever .. It was 112 degrees and a 2 mile walk .. I was burning up and had blisters on my feet :( But it was totally worth it to ride the rides and the view was outstanding !

That night we went to Imperial Palace and the dealers there dress up as famous people, and then perform .. it was really neat, but this was the only good picture that I got .. Michael Jackson .. kind of scary though :/
Since I had all those blisters from walking to the Stratosphere .. I chose to walk home barefoot that night and this was the result :/
Jason and I went to Margaritaville to eat lunch on Sunday around noon .. we had just gotten our food and these sirens started going off .. next thing we know, we were asked to calmly evacuate through the front door .. this was the crowd, come to find out the kitchen had caught on fire .. everyone hung around for about 10 minutes then started leaving .. some carrying plates or glasses with their drinks in them .. we stayed for about 30 minutes and had no updates, so finally we just left .. so that was the beginning to our lucky day !

Then we were walking around with everyone else and came upon this man painted in gold .. to get him to move, you have to put money in his box .. good thinking ! It was awesome and he motioned for me to go up by him .. and me being the shy chicken that I am .. almost didn't go .. but I did and he acted like he was kissing me ! Then he gave me these 2 passes to win $2,000,000 .. I was tempted to just throw them away, but since it was so hot out I decided to take them in and use them ..

I gave one to Jason and we had to walk all over Planet Hollywood to get players cards, then find the HUGE slot machine .. we each got one spin .. I went first and got .. nothing ! Then Jason went and got 3 7's .. she said, "Congratulations, you won $50 in free slot play." Then we had to go find the lady to hook us up with that .. she explained the rules and we went and found a machine. Sat down .. went back and forth between $1 bets and $3 bets at a $1 machine .. won $12.00, $10.00, $20.00 then with 9 credits left Jason hit max bet ($3) and we hit $200.00 !

We decided to go back and thank all those involved .. then went back to the man in gold and gave him a generous tip and thank him as well !

The fountain at the Bellagio .. soooo neat !

All in all we had a great trip .. I love Las Vegas and my new goal is to move there .. at least for a little while !